Business Intelligence

Let your data do the talking by transforming it to actionable insight

Today the biggest challenge for most businesses is not a lack of data, but its overwhelming amounts, translating which into real meaningful insights creates strategic business value and competitive advantage.

Kagesoft helps companies to make the most of their data by offering a full suite of business intelligence services.

Business intelligence

Data Analytics

Business-case driven
Support analytical reporting, business performance measurement and predictive analytics

Big data Analytics

Discovery driven
Uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences

Data warehouse

A way of organizing data with the goal of creating a single version of truth

Big data Solution

A means of storing and managing large amounts of data

Structured, clean and accurate data transformed through ETL/ELT specifically for query and analysis

Computationally intensive raw unstructured and semi-structured data in its native format as well as structured data

Online transaction processing systems, external sources, historical data

Social media, logs, sensors, email, text, video, audio, photo data

Build and successfully implement a data strategy to uncover and realize your company’s true potential


Data Consolidation

Data Warehousing

Data Analytics

Data Presentation

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