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Build for differentiation, buy for parity

In the ever changing business environment, information technology has become a critical component of companies’ day-to-day operations and their long-term success. Thus, for many organizations there is a question whether to build a custom software application or buy a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. Here is our take on this dilemma.

Build Custom Software
Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

Competitive advantage

Build Custom Software

Yes — your competitors won’t have the solution you have.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

No — your competitors can buy the same solution and replicate your approach.

Fit to your needs

Build Custom Software

Perfect solution built to solve your unique challenges — no sacrifices in requirements, no unwanted features.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

May not meet all your requirements. May not be compatible with the existing systems and applications.

Ease of modification / expansion

Build Custom Software

Very easy — you own the software and can modify it any way you want.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

Difficult in most cases — you don’t control your software product roadmap.


Build Custom Software

Larger upfront investment, but higher ROI over the life of the product — perfect match with your needs means greater efficiency.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

Lower upfront investment, but higher total cost of ownership — customization, ongoing license/subscription fees, process workarounds and inefficiencies add to the overall cost.

Implementation speed

Build Custom Software

Moderate — with agile development, you will have a minimal viable product fast, letting it evolve iteratively.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

Quick to slow — depending on the software complexity, compatibility with the existing systems and level of customization.

Ongoing support

Build Custom Software

Personalized support from the team that truly understands your business.

Buy Сommercial off-the-shelf solution

General customer/account executive support.

Our Approach


  • Learning about your business
  • Discovering your challenges and priorities
  • Understanding your goals and timelines


  • High-level analysis and design
  • Ballpark estimate
  • Prototyping

Development and delivery

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Build
  • Testing
  • Review

Maintenance and support

  • Trobleshouting
  • Consulting

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